You Need to Read This If Your Business Has a Blog (and especially if you don’t)

A recent article by did the best job I’ve seen outlining exactly what businesses need to do to ensure they’re successful at creating, writing, and promoting their blog.

In their 7 Tips for Making Your Blog a Content Marketing Magnet, explains why and how to make

your blog your content marketing hub. You’ll want to read the entire article for the details, but here are some highlights:

  1. Build a Strong Blogging Foundation to Support Your Content Marketing
  2. Know Your AudienceContent Marketing
  3. Develop Your Content Marketing Plan
  4. Optimize Content to Enhance Effectiveness
  5. Plan Your Content Promotion
  6. Allocate Resources to Your Blog
  7. Track Content Marketing Results

You definitely want to read the article if your business has a blog (that is, if you want to make your blog work for you).

If you don’t have the time or resources (or both) to write compelling content and effectively maintain your blog, we’re always here to help your business get ahead. Contact us to see how.

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